Our Story
Willie J Frink College Prep will be a viable self-determined school choice, distinguished as Kern County's utmost advanced school of college preparatory, civic, and business education for youth.
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Our Mission
Willie J Frink College Prep's (WJFCP) mission is to provide a culturally developed and curious scholastic experience that’s rooted in civic, entrepreneur, and college preparatory.
Our Vision
Willie J Frink College Prep's vision is to be a distinguished school choice that will produce student leaders equipped to lead, passionate about their purpose, positioned to become resilient and curious lifelong learners, and prepared to meet the demands of a cutting-edge future.
Our Philosophy
Raise The Expectations of Our Leaders
Preparing our students leaders to be competitively eligible for college.
Our Achievement
How can we close the African American achievement gap? An important and growing group of public schools with a majority African American student enrollment are answering this question by beating the odds, teaching their students effectively, and attaining impressive levels of academic achievement.