Willie J Frink College Prep's mission is to graduate high achieving student leaders of good character prepared for college, entrepreneurship and citizenship in a democratic society.
Willie J Frink College Prep's vision is to close the gap in opportunities for African American student leaders.
The foundation for our success is establishing a culture of high expectations for all our student leaders. Our rigorous standards-aligned materials are taught to fidelity. Across subjects, we seek to increase students' voices and foster critical thinking by emphasizing productive struggle, learning by doing, and utilizing discourse to learn new concepts. We use data to drive instruction and ensure our system's adults are accountable for academic results. Individualized instruction is vital, especially for students struggling to achieve mastery, so we utilize intersession time for small groups, targeted support, and instruction. Our teachers are highly valued professionals, and we treat them as such by promoting a culture of planning and professional development aligned to their needs and abilities.